Naevius USB Antivirus

Naevius USB Antivirus

Naevius USB Antivirus is specially designed to protect USB drives
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Naevius USB Antivirus has been specially designed to protect USB drives from malicious programs and threats. Nearly everyone carries information on flash drives, pen drives, MP4 players, and other USB-based devices. They are very useful for moving information from a computer to another, but, unfortunately, they are also the ideal way to disseminate viruses and Trojans.

Your operating system is set to launch any "autorun.inf" file found in a newly attached drive. If this file has been modified, it can lead to a computer infection. Naevius USB Antivirus will not allow your system to run any "autorun.inf" file, and will check all your USB drives for these types of malicious files. It will even protect those drives from acquiring viruses by creating an undeletable write-protected dummy "autorun.inf" file. This way, it will cheat any virus trying to modify or set a new, malicious "autorun.inf".

Beware: the process of "protecting" an USB drive will completely erase the contents of that drive. It is advisable to perform a backup before proceeding.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It accurately protects all your flash drives


  • It would be desirable that the program protected the contents of an USB drive without erasing the files on it
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